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APA Publishing's Books podcast, hosted by APA Books Editor-in-Chief, Laura Roberts, M.D. Psychiatry Unbound offers the opportunity to hear the voices behind the most prominent psychiatric scholarship in the field today. Subscribe now to learn about important topics in the field of psychiatry and see how our authors are making an impact in clinical settings throughout the world.

Jun 18, 2020

Altha J. Stewart, M.D. comes from a family of storytellers and in this episode of Psychiatry Unbound she brings her own personal stories to life in rich detail.  During an intimate conversation with Laura Roberts, M.D., M.A., she relives her own stories about how she came to be the person she grew into and the significance of becoming the first black President of the APA.   

In this episode:

  • How the book, Black Mental Health, came together (1:40)
  • Altha’s reflection on her journey (5:45)
  • Parable of the sower and the need to be a bicultural being (11:39)
  • The idea of racist practices in psychiatry (16:40)
  • Progress and change in the psychiatric profession (26:00)
  • The way we discuss and write about race (32:38)

From the point of view of doctors and patients, Dr. Stewart and her fellow editors, Ezra E. H. Griffith, M.D., Billy E. Jones, M.D., M.S., brought together Black Mental Health to contribute to the conversation about the role of race in mental healthcare and education with the hope that it will provide a path forward for the next 50 years.