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APA Publishing's Books podcast, hosted by APA Books Editor-in-Chief, Laura Roberts, M.D. Psychiatry Unbound offers the opportunity to hear the voices behind the most prominent psychiatric scholarship in the field today. Subscribe now to learn about important topics in the field of psychiatry and see how our authors are making an impact in clinical settings throughout the world.

Oct 27, 2023

Release date: October 27th, 2023

Dr. Laura Roberts is joined by Dr. Carolyn Rodriguez and Dr. Randy Frost, authors of the new book Hoarding Disorder – A Comprehensive Clinical Guide, which tackles a condition which has been part of the zeitgeist for a while now (just ask fans of Marie Kondo) yet was only codified as a disorder in the DSM-5 in 2013. This is therefore a pioneering new work in the field, and the authors discuss the book’s genesis and their ambitions for understanding and treating a condition now thought to be more prevalent than OCD.

In this episode:

Introduction (0:30)
Why did the world need this book? (2:27)
The Collyer Brothers (4:45)
The natural history of the condition in younger patients (7:00)
The status of research in the area (10:25)
the tipping point (14:24)
Who’s psychologically uncomfortable here? (22:10)
How do we do a better job of recognizing this disorder earlier? (28:10)
Hoarding, affluence and popular culture (37:03)
Understanding the nature of the attachments that people have (38:50)

Show Notes and Resources:
Hoarding Disorder – A Comprehensive Clinical Guide by Dr. Carolyn Rodriguez and Dr. Randy Frost
(American Psychiatric Association Publishing) 2023

Learn more about Dr Rodriguez and Dr Frost.
Read more about the Collyer Brothers.

Transcript and More Episodes: